November 30, 2004

Robitussin Meanderings.

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At the moment, I am saddled with a most annoying and uncomfortable cold. I Zicam swapped the inside of my nose, I’m taking way more than usual amounts of Vitamin C (probably just creating vitamin-loaded urine in the process), drinking copious amounts of fluids, and taking Robitussin in order to take a deep breath without having it followed by hacking and coughing.

It is at times like this, when one is capable of doing little more than vegging out and waiting for this to pass, when I find myself thinking of things I would “some day” like to do. Admittedly, many of the things fall into the realm of pure fantasy, but there are some others that are, at least, possible, if not likely.

Although compiling such a list merits a good deal of consideration, I’ve decided to simply jot down a few things that pop into my cruller while I sit here trying not to cough.

Here they are, in no particular order of preference or likelihood of ever happening:

Some day, I’d like to:

1. Take a ride in a B-17

2. Spend six months to a year just traveling around the country, going wherever I please and staying as long in one place as I please.

3. Travel to Australia

4. Get plastered in a real Irish Pub in Ireland with a bunch of folks who like to drink and sing.

5. Own and ride a motorcycle again.

6. See and touch one of the Budweiser Clydesdales.

7. Play drums in whatever band Eric Clapton felt like putting together.

8. Play drums in a big-assed band with lots of brass.

9. Own an oceanfront house.

10. Spend a good deal of time alone with a piano. (It’s a Zen thing.)

11. Wear a cowboy hat without looking like a complete asshole.

12. Sail on a destroyer.

13. Watch flight operations from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

14. Ride in the second seat of a fighter plane.

15. Toss a pie at Michael Moore’s face.

16. Do a radio program.

17. Hang with the President for a couple days.

18. Write a book worth reading.

19. Paint a picture of an apple that actually looks like an apple.

20. Take a ride on an ocean-going racing boat.

That’ll do for now.

I’m going to make myself a cup of tea with honey, lemon, and a generous slug of dark rum. Tastes a helluva lot better than Robitussin.

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