November 15, 2004

“Dear Madam Secretary:”

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With those words, now former Governor Jim McGreevey began his one-sentence resignation letter, effective as of 11:59 PM today. So, since noon, we of the Garden State have a new Governor, Richard Codey, who is an undertaker and insurance guy by trade, and who still presides as president of the state senate.

Governor Codey had enough class to have been sworn in at a private ceremony, indicating afterwards to members of the press that he did so, because this was not exactly a time of celebration.

Mr. and Mrs. McGreevey have taken separate residences, his being an apartment in Rahway (home of the “Scared Straight” prison), while she and the couple’s daughter will move into a house in nearby Springfield.

Governor Codey intends to focus on mental health issues in the state [I’m biting my tongue here so as not to be snarky] and ways to remedy the state’s huge deficit, which reportedly includes placing slot machines at the Meadowlands racetrack.

Due to a “glitch” in New Jersey law, Governor Codey, as noted above, will also continue to serve as the president of the state senate. [I know it’s nuts, but, hey, it’s Jersey] Indeed, he is lawfully able to collect both salaries, but it is reported that he will decline the state senate pay in favor of the Governor’s salary. Although he will be collecting the Governor’s salary, he reportedly will not move into the Governor’s mansion, preferring to commute to Trenton from his West Orange home.

He continues to be non-committal about his plans for running for a full term in November 2005. My cynical guess is that U.S. Senator Corzine and the New Jersey political bosses will make that call for Governor Codey.

I wish him well. I’d be crazy not to.

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