November 20, 2004

Writin’ n’ Shit.

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Friends, are you feeling that your writing is getting stale? Are you tired of being ever so tidy about your subjects, predicates, tenses and spelling?

Maybe you’re bored with your writing style? Perhaps you would like to write more like Eric, Velociman, Acidman, or the amazing Jeff Goldstein?

But, maybe you really want to write like Snoop Dogg. Well, here is your chance. Check out the Snoop Dogg Shizzolator. Type in your blog’s URL and watch what happens. (You may have to enter it on the second page as well in the upper right corner.)

It’s da bomb, y’all.

Via Overactive Imagination

Home Safe.

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About 11 months ago I attended a Going-Away Party for my friend Lou, who was then on his way to Iraq with his Army Reserve Unit. For us “older” farts, it was a bit of nail-biter, because SFC Lou, who is my age, had already managed to survive a year in Vietnam, and yet there he was headed back into “the shit.”

I am happy to say that Lou has returned home safe and sound and convinced more than ever that the American Press just doesn’t get it.

I had the honor, along with about 99 others, to attend Lou’s Welcome Home Party tonight. A humble, soft-spoken man, Lou has now answered the call twice, and he is prepared for yet another round, should that be necessary.

I am honored, beyond words, to be his friend.

Welcome home, Lou.

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