November 18, 2004

This Ain’t Fun.

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The last 72 hours have been marked by a seemingly endless stream of comment spam. I think this has been the most protracted attack ever. Every time I turned around, fifty more would turn up. In each case, after having successfully entered the offending URL into MT Blacklist, I could see from the Activity Log that, but for catching them early, the fifty would have been eight hundred.

In the process of trying to hold back the tide, I know that I accidentally deleted about a half dozen recent comments (e.g. Shamrocketship, Rob, Velociman, Mike, Azygos and others). The good news is that it appears that I realized my mistake in time to prevent the good-guys’ URLs from being Blacklisted. However, if you find that your comments are being bounced, please send me an e-mail, and I’ll fix it.

I know that Rob has been hit pretty hard too, and he seems undaunted by it (I figure he’s too stoked about his trip). For my part, I must say that constantly having to deal with these intrusive maggots takes the fun out blogging.

This may be all you see of me tonight. I’ll probably be too busy dealing with the cyber-vermin.

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