November 17, 2004

They Call Themselves “Progressives?”

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Via Ravenwood’s Universe

New Jersey’s Political Sheep.

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Quinnipiac University Poll results released today show that New Jersey’s Senator Jon Corzine would trounce Richard Codey and the three most likely Republican candidates in the 2005 gubernatorial election in New Jersey.

The poll showed Corzine beating Governor Richard Codey by 40 points and Republicans Bret Schundler (former mayor of Jersey City), Douglas Forrester (former unsuccessful candidate for the Senate seat), and Christopher Christie (Assistant US Attorney, who has not announced his candidacy) by 21, 22 and 27 percentage points, respectively.

Frankly, given the democrat herd mentality in this state, I am not surprised that Corzine easily topped the Republicans in the poll, but Jesus Christ, Richard Codey has had the job for only about 48 hours, and the democrats have already decided that Corzine is the guy.

The result is consistent with Senator Corzine’s 58 percent job approval rating shown in the poll. I wish someone would explain to me the basis for the adulation of this lackluster Senator. Of course, that is a rhetorical question, as I suspect that New Jersey’s political bosses have the 2005 election well in hand.


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