February 3, 2005

Bad Crackers.

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Our pal, Bitterman is not happy, and I don’t blame him.
It’s difficult to imagine anyone complaining about bad crackers more elegantly:

“How in good conscience could the Keebler Brands family let these shit shingles masquerading as a competent saltine pass out their doors? Times must be hard around the hollow tree. That, or the elves have developed a serious narcotics problem in recent years.”

I completely felt our pal’s pain when he said that the inferior crackers are not robust enough to stand up to a up to a good peanut butter smearing. As some of the more recent visitors to this corner of the cyber world may not know, I have a serious thing for peanut butter.

No civilized peanut butter eater should have to tolerate hopped-up elves or bad crackers.

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