February 15, 2005

Who Are Those Guys?

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I have been spending a bit of time reading the stuff over at The Idiom. The proprietors of this joint venture call themselves Kid Various, Mr. Surly, and Mr. Scribulus. They value their anonymity, as is evidenced by their self-description in the “About Us” Section of the blog, which states:

“We’re no one special and you don’t know us.”

Well, they may not be anyone special (Who is, anyway? Except for maybe Eric Clapton), but the fact is that I do know them. However, under no circumstances will I divulge their identities. Well, maybe I would in response to a properly served subpoena, or a properly served bottle of good bourbon. Maybe even average bottle of bourbon.

I note that this site enjoys a prominent place on what is, at this time, a veddy, veddy exclusive short blogroll. I am quite sure that having been placed at the top of their blogroll was strictly a favor to the oldish fart with the great farookin’ hair who has been known to pick up a bar tab based solely on their appreciation of first-quality content.

As for content at The Idiom, so far, the entries pretty well cover the waterfront and are quite entertaining (even if the occasional esoteric sci-fi digression sails over my cruller). I urge you to go take a look at The Idiom.

Tell ‘em you know me. It might increase your chances of winning a bobble-head doll, if they decide to give out prizes.

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