February 27, 2005

Sunday Bartending.

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Today, it is my turn to tend bar at the Post, and, as always, the bartender is responsible for the food. Today’s fare will be chili con carne and rice, with the following available to taste: shredded cheddar, chopped onions, sour cream, hot sauce, black olives, cornbread and tortilla chips. Dessert will be chocolate covered donuts. It all goes well with cold beer (except maybe the donuts) and good friends.

Speaking of the Post Bar, that is where the Jersey Blogmeet (click the button on the left) will be held. It will not be held in the “hall,” but rather in a real bar. However, unlike holding the thing in a place like Bennigan’s or TGIF, the Bar will be open only to Blogmeet attendees, and also unlike those other places, the bar will be “open.” Food will be catered. Check it out.


The Answer is … “Zero!”

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And the question is, “Yo, Jimbo, where on your ‘Ten-Point Give-a-Shit Scale” does the Academy Awards Ceremony fall?”

The idea of watching a gathering of overly moneyed, overly dressed, overly narcissistic, overly self-righteous, and overly shallow elitist asswipes pat one another on the back leaves me cold.

I’d sooner watch a test pattern.

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