February 21, 2005

Fashion or a Fluke?

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Knee high stockings.jpgThe other day I saw a young girl (I would guess her age to be about 13 or 14) on her way to school. She was wearing a skirt and knee-high stockings, the kind that women wear with slacks. It reminded me of the pre-panty hose days (Yes, I was alive then) when the old ladies would bunch their stockings in a knot just below the knee and wear them that way with a house dress.

I was wondering whether this “look” is now hip, at least around these parts.

I thought the kid looked pretty silly, but I’m sure if she were shown old pictures of me and my contemporaries marching off to school in boat-neck shirts and, later, with Beatle haircuts and wearing in Austin Powers – like duds, she’d think that we looked pretty damned silly too.

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