February 12, 2005

Protein Blogspat.

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The amazing Jeff Goldstein, proprietor of Protein Wisdom, a gorilla stompin’ blog on many levels, recently found himself in a bit of a dustup, arising out of the Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards and Protein Wisdom’s being one of the blogs nominated in the “Best Humor Blog” category. It seems that one of the other nominees, who was well behind Jeff in the voting, gratuitously said that Jeff was “not Jewish,” and that he was “not funny.” Ouch! Ouch!

Not surprisingly, Jeff acquitted himself admirably, but I am convinced that he was negatively affected by the experience. I came to this conclusion after having seen Jeff the other day in the supermarket, standing in front of a shelf that held jars of Gefilte Fish, and he seemed to be speaking. Knowing that Jeff is wont to speak with inanimate objects, such as apples and his Levi’s, I decided to listen in.

Jeff: “So, do you believe it? Some guy, one of our own, said that I’m not funny.”

Gefilte Fish:

Jeff: “O.K., so that was the putz’s opinion, and I suppose he’s entitled to it, but he also said that I’m not Jewish! Can you imagine that?”

Gefilte Fish:

Jeff: “Where’s the outrage here? How would you like it if someone said that you’re not Jewish?”

Gefilte Fish:

Jeff: “Well?”

Gefilte Fish:

Jeff: “Oy Gevalt!! I can’t believe you have nothing to say about that. I’m outta here.” (stomps off)

Adjacent Jar of Gefilte Fish: “So, why didn’t you talk to him, already?”

Gefilte Fish: “I smelled ham on his breath.”

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