February 26, 2005

Saturday Stuff.

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I’ve got a bit of Life 101 to attend to today, and later we will be travelling to a part of Jersey that is a bit more rural than it is around here (e.g. more pickup trucks) to attend my nephew’s birthday party. It’s not like we’ll be wearing party hats and stuff, as he is a strapping young man (and my Godson – really), who was married last year, and he and his most excellent bride are treating this as a combination birthday party and house warming.

I’m looking forward to a couple beers and a few laughs.


A Feisty Honor.

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I am proud and pleased to have been named by Christina as the “GodFaddah” of the “Feisty Family.” In Jersey, being named a GodFaddah ain’t no small potatoes.

I guess I’m gonna have to get busy makin’ people offers dey can’t refuse, but foist I gotta go pick up da cannolis.

Tanks, Christina.

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