February 11, 2005

Blog Noir — Chapter Two. (UPDATED)

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It’s up, and Key hit the long ball.

If you’re new to this, the background of the Blog Noir Project is here.

Chapter One is here.

I won’t reveal the details here. Go read it.

Update: Chapter Three will come to you courtesy of TJ at Twisty, who parachuted in on short notice. Not surprisingly, she is my very best favorite, and I know she’ll do the old man proud.


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I saw that lots of the cool folks had “Blogstreet” buttons on the ass end of their blogs. I wasn’t sure what Blogstreet had to offer, but I figured I’d give it a shot. So, I went to the Blogstreet site and filled in all the fields necessary to permit me to be one of the cool Blogstreet peeps. After I submitted the information, I got an e-mail instructing me to paste the Blogstreet’s code somewhere in my blog. This is the code to the cool guys’ Blotstreet button.

I did it, which as many of you know, is not an easy thing for me, being a guy who definitely does NOT like to fool with Mr. Template. But, wanting to be like the other cool guys, I did what I was told, and pasted the code into my site.

Eureka! It worked. There was the button! I thought that I would soon learn what Blogstreet was all abut. I clicked the button. It brought me to a “Add a Site” screen that looked suspiciously like the first damned screen I had previously encountered. It asked my screen name, my e-mail address and my password. Mind you, the message above these fields said that, “This site has been accepted to Blogstreet” (or something like that). So I filled in the shit again, thinking that, now that I have “been accepted,” I could experience the wonders of Blogstreet.


I wound up at the same screen again, requesting the same damned information.

I’m too old and too cranky for this shit. I immediately went to my template and deleted the cursed Blogstreet button.

At this time, I don’t give a rat’s ass what Blogstreet can do or can’t do.

I want no part of Blogstreet.

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