February 8, 2005

Corzine on the Campaign Trail.

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As most of you know, the Acting Governor of New Jersey, Richard Codey, has decided not to seek an elected term as Governor this fall, thereby clearing the way for U.S. Senator Jon Corzine to be the nominee of the democrat party. As such, Senator Corzine has already begun making campaign appearances.

Parkway Rest Stop operatives were on the scene with Senator Corzine at a recent, early-morning campaign appearance on Broad Street in Newark, near a busy bus stop. Here is what they saw and heard:

Corzine: (To Guy #1) “Good morning, sir. I’m Jon Corzine, and I’m running for governor.”

Guy #1: “What?”

Corzine: “Jon Corzine, I’m running for governor, and I would like your support.”

Guy #1: “Who?”

Corzine: “I’m Jon Corzine, Senator Jon Corzine.”

Guy #1: “Look, I’m running late. I don’t have time for this.”


Corzine: (To Guy #2) “Good morning, sir, and how are you today? I’m Jon Corzine and I’m running for governor.”

Guy #2: “Who’d you say you are?”

Corzine: “Jon Corzine, Sen……

Guy #2: “Hey, weren’t you just elected to something or other?”

Corzine: “Yes, that was the Senate in 2000.”

Guy #2: “Well what’s wrong with that job?”

Corzine: “I feel that I can be more effective as…….”

Guy #2: “Bullshit. You sound like a job-hopper to me. That looks lousy on a resume. I gotta get to work.”


Corzine: (To Guy #3) “Hello there. I’m Jon Corzine and I’m running for governor.”

Guy #3: “I don’t care who you are. I’m trying to get to work here. If you don’t get outta my way, I’m gonna be late.”

Corzine: “Here’s a hundred bucks for you.”

Guy #3: “Holy shit! Who’d you say you are?”

Corzine: “Jon Corzine, and I’m ……”

Guy #3: “Running for governor, right? You got my vote, Bro. You’re my guy. Absolutely.”

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