July 20, 2005

Scramble to Bloviate.

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Kennedy Ted.jpgI wondered how long after the President’s announcement of Judge John Roberts’ nomination to fill the Supreme Court vacancy for the knee-jerk, Hate Everything About Bush crowd liberal Democrat politicians to trash the nominee. It didn’t take long at all.

Predictably, one of the first out of the chute was Ted Kennedy, the Senior Senator of Massachusetts. Within an hour or two after the President’s announcement, Senator Kennedy issued a press release questioning “whether ‘Mr. Roberts’ is fit to serve on the highest court in the land.”

I have absolutely no doubt that the press release was drafted and thoroughly vetted at several levels well before the President made his announcement, leaving blanks to be filled in once the name and sex of the nominee were certain.

Here is the Press Release as it probably looked just before the President’s announcement:

July 19, 2005


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Laura Capps/Melissa Wagoner (202) 224-2633

This is a critical moment for this country¹s future. If _____ _______ is confirmed, [he/she] will have a vital role in setting the direction of the country for generations to come.

The Supreme Court is often the last line of defense for the freedoms and liberties for hundreds of millions of Americans. Few responsibilities of the Senate are more important than reviewing the qualifications of nominees for the Supreme Court. Every Senator, Republican or Democrats [sic], has a responsibility to determine whether ____ ________ deserves to join the currently closely divided court when so much is at stake. It¹s wrong for any Senator to be a rubberstamp.

All of us in the Senate who have been through this process know the importance of this process. Every American ought to be asking some tough questions right now about whether ____ ________ is fit to serve on the highest court in the land.

Will [he/she] protect average Americans when their rights are abused by powerful corporations?

Will [he/she] ensure that private companies aren¹t allowed to pollute our rivers and lakes and our air?

Will [he/she] protect and preserve the progress we¹ve made on equal opportunity and fairness for all Americans?

Will [he/she] separate his personal ideology from the rule of law and protect the rights and freedoms of all Americans, not just the powerful or the wealthy.

Justice O¹Connor set a high standard. She tried to bring the nation together, and she respected the Constitution. She was a mainstream conservative who used her ability and respect for the rule of law to find solutions that would strengthen us as a nation, as the Constitution intended.

____ ________ must demonstrate that [he/she] meets that standard before the American people, and [he/she] will have an opportunity to do so before the Senate Judiciary Committee before the coming weeks.

No nominee, especially a nominee who is well known to have argued ideological positions on issues important to the American people, should be confirmed without full and candid disclosure and discussion of those positions and their importance to [him/her].

I welcome the opportunity to question ____ _______, and believe that the American people will know at the end of this process whether [he/she] should advance to the Supreme Court.

We have a responsibility to the Constitution and to the American people and their children and grandchildren to get this right.

I feel safe in hazarding a guess that at the time Judge Roberts’ name was placed in the blank spaces, Mr. Kennedy didn’t know a damned thing about Judge Roberts.

What truly amazes me is that Ted Kennedy has the unmitigated moxie to question anyone’s “fitness to serve” in any important government position.

h/t Cadillac Tight

July 19, 2005

So, That’s Who it Was!

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This past April I was sitting on the plane waiting for the rest of the passengers to board the flight that would take me to Jacksonville, where I would meet Eric and Mrs. Straight White Guy for the drive to Jekyll Island to attend the Wreckyll in Jekyll Jawja Blogmeet. I noticed a fellow taking a seat a few rows in front of mine. What first caught my attention was his hair, which had been fixed in such a way to make it appear that he had just gotten out of bed. To me, it looked generally messy and randomly spikey. I then saw that he was carrying an obviously well-traveled mandolin case. It was also apparent that he was with three or four other people, at least two of whom were also carrying stringed instrument cases smaller than a guitar.

Being a regular Sherlock Holmes, I concluded that this was a band traveling to or from a gig. I recall that they were all very pleasant, particularly the fellow with the goofy hair. I really didn’t give it any thought after that, at the time being more interested in getting to Jekyll to do a bit of pickin’ of my own.

Well, don’t ya know that a couple days ago I was reading Time Magazine** and I saw a picture of the goofy haired guy who was on the plane (in an article about a CD he made). Turns out that it was this guy! (Lots of sound samples there to enjoy.)

As my buddy Dax would say, “Just Damn!”

July 18, 2005

Dion’s Birthday.

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Dion.jpgDion (DiMucci) turned 66 today. Holy Cannoli!!

I can remember being absolutely knocked as a young boy in 1958 when I first heard Dion and the Belmonts sing “I Wonder Why” and later “Where or When.” Those songs still knock me out.

The thing about Dion is that, despite his ten year heroin addiction (1958-1968) and having become an “old guy,” he STILL can sing those songs and sound as good as he did back then. Two years ago, he went into a studio with some background singers and a good band and made this CD, on which he sings many of his old songs and hits the notes with laser precision. That CD is a regular in my car and on my stereo.

He is “The King of the New York Streets.”

Another Remembrance.

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Kopechne.jpgMy friend Denny, guitar and kazoo maestro, reminds us that today is the anniversary of the death of Mary Jo Kopechne**. For those of you who are not old enough to remember July 1969, Mary Jo Kopechne was the young woman who died when the car driven by Senator Kennedy plunged into Poucha Pond after a night of partying on Chappaquiddick Island by Senator Kennedy and his friends. Senator Kennedy’s day in court concerning this incident lasted approximately seven minutes.

Denny provides this link for additional information. Click it. Bookmark it. Read it.

Then draw your own conclusions concerning the Senior Senator from Massachusetts.

** As Denny says, “The accident happened either the night of July 18 or the morning of July 19 depending on how many times Ted’s story changed.”

TWA Flight 800, A Remembrance.

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Yesterday was the anniversary of the crash of TWA Flight 800 shortly after takeoff from JFK Airport. Auskunft of The New Skeptic shares a moving remembrance of sixteen students and five chaperones from his hometown who perished on that flight.

July 17, 2005

Not Until Noon.

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Nun cigarette.jpgIn New Jersey, many towns, including mine, prohibit liquor stores from opening on Sunday before noon (I presume to discourage drunken prayer), which provides the backdrop against which this slice of life unfolded.

This morning, at approximately 10:30, I was out doing my regular walk. My usual route takes me past a local liquor store. Today I watched a nun pull into the small parking lot next to the liquor store and walk up to the front door of the store only to find the store closed. Only after being unable to get in, did she notice the sign on the door stating that the store was closed until noon. She angrily looked at her watch and then, just as angrily, stomped back to her car.

Now, for all I know she was on an emergency mission to pick up some wine for the 11 and 12 o’clock masses. Then again, maybe she and the other sisters in the convent plan to fire up a movie today and kick back with a few brewskies. No problemo, as far as I’m concerned. It was, however, quite a visual.

It’s true that blogfodder sometimes appears when and where you least expect it.

Carnival of the New Jersey Bloggers No. 9

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Sluggo Needs a Nap is hosting this week’s Carnival of the New Jersey Bloggers. Last week, the New York Times noticed the New Jersey Carnival and, today, so did Glenn Reynolds. As we say around here, tanks, Professor Reynolds.

July 16, 2005

Hillary Gets a Call from an Islander.

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Hillary’s secretary, Monica Flowers, buzzes Hillary on the intercom:

Hillary: “What is it?”

Monica: “I have a resident of Staten Island on the phone for you. He says it’s really important.”

Hillary: “What island did you say?”

Monica: “Staten Island, Senator.”

Hillary: “Is that in the Caribbean?”

Monica: “Never mind. I’ll handle the call.”

July 15, 2005

My Fifteen Minutes are Up.

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Things have pretty much returned to normal around here following the dramatic increase in the number of visitors that accompanied the mention of this blog by The Democrat Party Newspaper of Record New York Times.

I must admit that it was nice to have so many people poke their heads in the door, but now we can get back to toowahking amongst ourselves.

July 14, 2005

Jon and Hillary.

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Jon Corzine, U.S. Senator from New Jersey and gubernatorial candidate (the “Jersey Zilch”), decided to place a call to Hillary Clinton, the Senator from New York.


Hillary’s Secretary, Monica: “Hello. Senator Hillary Clinton’s Office. How may I help you?”

Jon: “Hi, this is Jon. May I speak with Hillary, please?”

Monica: “Jon who?”

Jon: “Oh, sorry. It’s Jon Corzine. Is she in?”

Monica: “What were you calling in reference to, sir?”

Jon: “Why are you asking me that? This is Jon Corzine, and I would appreciate it if you would connect me with Hillary.”

Monica: “Sir, I asked you that in order to determine whether someone on the Senator’s staff might be able to help you with your problem.”

Jon: “Don’t you understand? My name is Jon Corzine, and I am a member of the United States Senate.”

Monica: “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t recognize that name.”

Jon: “Look, I really don’t care whether you recognize my name. Hillary will definitely recognize me name. Now, would you please put me through?”

Monica: “Oh wait! Maybe I do know who you are. Are you the one with the beard?”

Jon: (sigh) “Yes.”

Monica: “And what state did you say you’re from?”

Jon: “New Jersey, dammit. I’ve about had it with this. Put me through to the Senator right now.”

Monica: “There is no call to be nasty, sir. I’m just doing my job here. Hold on, and I will see if Senator Clinton is available.”


Hillary: “Yes, Monica. What is it?”

Monica: “I have Jon Corzine on the line, and he wants to talk to you.”

Hillary: “Never heard of him. Hand him off to Madeline. She’s good at handling the pains in the asses that insist on calling me.”

Monica: “He says he’s a Senator.”

Hillary: “A Senator? Can’t be. I have no idea who he is.”

Monica: “He’s the one with the beard.”

Hillary: “Beard? Let me think. Yes, I do recall seeing a bearded guy in the chamber once or twice. What state is he from?

Monica: “He says he is from New Jersey.”

Hillary: “Jesus, what could he want? I have my waxing appointment in an hour. Can’t you figure out a way to blow him off?”

Monica: “He insisted on talking with you, and he was beginning to lose his patience.”

Hillary: “Damn. OK, put him through.”

Monica: “Mr. Corzine?”

Jon: “It’s Senator Corzine.

Monica: “Oh, I apologize. I will put you through to Senator Clinton.”


Hillary: “Jon!!! Nice to talk with you. How have you been?”

Jon: “I’ve been fine, thanks, and how is everything with you?”

Hillary: “Very well. You know how it is. Busy, busy, busy. What can I do for you?”

Jon: “Well, as you know, I’m running for governor of New Jersey in November.”

Hillary: “How nice. Now that you mention it, I think I read something about that.”

Jon: “I was wondering whether you might be able to make a few appearances in New Jersey with me. You know, to help me in the election.”

Hillary: “You mean you want me to take time to travel to New Jersey and make speeches and shit?”

Jon: “Yeah. You know. The regular campaign things. Parades, conventions, labor union gatherings, fund raisers. Stuff like that.”

Hillary: “What’s in it for me?”

Jon: “I don’t understand.”

Hillary: “Let’s cut through the bullshit, shall we Jon? I need running all over New Jersey with you about as much as I need a boil on my ass. I figure Jersey is a lock in ’08. So, I ask you again. What’s in it for me?”

Jon: “I could return the favor and help you with your campaigns.”

Hillary: “Didn’t you hear what I just said? If you can’t come up with something better than that, this conversation is over.”

Jon: “I have a lot of money.”

Hillary: “I’m listening.”

Jon: Well, I spent $63 million on my own campaign, and I have given more than a million more to other democrats. I could give you some”

Hillary: “Now you’re talking Jon. How much are we talking about here?”

Jon: “I was thinking something along the lines of a million.”

Hillary: “A million? Are you shitting me? You just said that you spent $63 million on your own campaign in a goddamned Democrat state! I’m Hillary goddamned Clinton, for Chrissakes. You’re wasting my time with an offer like that.”

Jon: “Well, I could up the amount to four million.”

Hillary: “You’re wasting my time. I have more important things to attend to today. Good bye.”

Jon: “Wait!! Before you hang up in me, why don’t you tell me how much money it would take.”



Hillary: “Twenty-five million.”

Jon: “Twenty-five mil? Jesus, that’s quite a bit of money. Give me a day or so to work up a counteroffer, OK?”

Hillary: “Counteroffer my ass. Call me when you have the check.”

Jon: “I was sort of hoping that you’d be a bit more reasonable.”

Hillary: “Piss off!”

Jon: “What?”

Hillary: “You heard me. You come up with the money, and not one goddamned penny less, and I’ll have the lames in New Jersey believing that you’re the best thing that has happened to that shithole state since Thomas Edison. Now, like I said … Piss off!”


Jon: Bitch!

Hillary: Asshole!

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