December 1, 2005


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The web connectivity had been spotty for the past ten days or so, which was moderately annoying, but that was about it — annoying. However, when I fired up the site and saw the big “SUSPENDED” screen, I felt like a guy who was arrested, cuffed and photographed doing the “perp walk” into the police station for fingerprinting and mug shots. All of a sudden, things went way beyond annoying.

Craig of mtpolitics (The Nicest Guy in the Blogosphere), who deals with the band of merry men at the hosting service, had already written me a note explaining that he had submitted fix “tickets” (they’re called something like that) to the hosting service, followed by nasty e-mails, all of which were being ignored. Finally, after twenty-four hours or so, he managed to get their attention and speak some serious Geek to them in order to get them to fix things.

As frustrating as the experience was, I was most flattered by the e-mail from folks asking if everything was OK and offering me the keys to their place so I could post any “valuable updations” (Apparently a term of art used by the folks at the hosting service) I might have. A special thanks to Eric for posting the PSA to let everyone know that I was not in Blogger Jail. In the end, the concern and the offers of help were way more gratifying than the outage was annoying.

Thank you all very much.

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