December 20, 2005

Defining “Victory” in the War on Terror.

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Jersey Blogger, TigerHawk, has given plenty of thought to the matter, and it’s well worth your reading time.

Poor Santa.

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First off, let me say that if I carried a camera with me on my walks, this post would consist only of a photograph. I will, however, do the best I can to describe the picture I would have taken if I could have taken one.

The owners of one of the houses on my normal route must be very fond of those big inflatable lawn things. I have written about these inflatable things before (e.g. Santas and Ghosts). Towards the top of a small, sloped front lawn was a very tall inflatable Santa. On the lower portion of the sloped lawn (closer to the sidewalk) was an inflatable Grinch, wearing a Santa hat.

When I passed this morning, the two characters were in a state of mid-deflate (mid-inflate?) and were bent all the way forward at the “waist”. Santa’s nose was right up the Grinch’s ass!

A most troubling image.

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