December 11, 2005

PEZ — A Cosmic Connection?

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PEZ Girl.jpgYesterday, the often mysterious Dogette mentioned that her even more mysterious friend “Q” loves PEZ.* I remember well when PEZ candy was first introduced (Yeah, I’m that old), and the stores could not stock enough of the candy or the dispensers. However, I don’t believe I have given two second’s worth of thought to PEZ candy (and the various types of PEZ dispensers) for decades, much less eaten a PEZ in all that time.

So, anyway, I was at a Holiday Christmas Party last night, and as the party was winding down, a guy I know reached into his pocket and pulled out a Santa Claus PEZ dispenser and said, “PEZ anyone?”

There it was – an offer of a PEZ from a Santa PEZ dispenser (pull Santa’s head back and out pops a PEZ from what would have been Santa’s neck) on the same day that I read Dogette’s post and had spent several moments thinking back to my PEZ days as a small boy.

I blurted out to the group I was with, “Holy shit! I can’t believe you’ve offered me a PEZ. Wow! I know this woman, Dogette … Well, I don’t really know her; I read her blog … Well, maybe I really do know her, sort of, I guess. So, Dogette has this post today and mentions that her really mysterious friend “Q” really loves PEZ!!! Blah, blah … “Q” … Dogette … blog.” etc.

I think you get the picture. I sounded like a nut — someone whose meds had just worn off. Everyone smiled and tried to be polite as I rambled on about blogs and people with names like Dogette and “Q”.

But, dammit, I ask you. Was the PEZ post and later that same day an offer of a PEZ (after several Non-PEZ decades) a mere co-inkydink? Or, do the two events suggest the existence of some order in the cosmos, or cosmic connections among humans that we can never hope to understand?

All I know is that I am going to buy myself a PEZ dispenser and some neat flavors (cola flavored PEZ is now available) and properly align myself with the stars. This is some deep shit.

* Dogette elaborated today on Q’s PEZ expertise, which doubtless is world-class. I’m beginning to think that “Q” has special powers and is not be trifled with.

** After reading this (I’ve you’ve stayed with me this far), how could you not visit the Official PEZ Website, where, among other things, you can learn the history of PEZ and view the PEZ dispenser collections of some cosmically connected PEZ-oids.

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