December 13, 2005

A Drink With A-Peel.

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99 Bananas.jpgI have said in the past that my four favorite places to shop are: bookstores, record stores, musical instrument stores, and, yes, liquor stores.

Each time I shop at my local mondo liquor store, it is an adventure – an expensive adventure, but an adventure nonetheless. In addition to trying to always keep my rather impressive stock (if I must say so myself) up to date, I always buy something new to try. Sometimes its goofy, and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it turns out to be a good move, and other times, it’s a stinker, but it’s always fun.

My most recent goofy choice that turned out to be quite a treat was a bottle of “99 Bananas”. It is banana-flavored schnapps. I take it directly from the freezer and fill a tall shooter glass. Throw that right back, and it’s like having a mouthful of icy cold, liquefied bananas. Like a banana, it is on the sweet side, but don’t let the fruity taste fool you into uttering the famous last words, ”Ooooh, this is delicious. I could drink these all night.” Try it, and you’ll be flat on your arse, because this stuff packs a 99 proof wallop.

I wound up tasting my way through the entire bottle (over several days) and never got around to trying some of the mixed drinks that one can make with the stuff, which are listed here. The three that caught my eye are: the “Screaming Banana,” the “Banana Cream Pie,” and, perhaps the most interesting and even a bit unsettling (at least in terms of its name), the “Flaming Cock Smack.” OUCH!!!

I’m definitely in for another bottle and a bit of experimentation. In fact, while I’m at the store, I will also pick up one bottle each of “99 Apples,” “99 Blackberries,” and “99 Oranges.”

I’m particularly pleased with these latest finds, because they contain absolutely no cholesterol, and, besides, Doctor Doctor said I should eat more fruit.

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