December 2, 2005

Ted Rall.

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Patriot or Piece of Shit?

I’ll take Door Number 2, Monty.

h/t TacJammer

Slipped By Again.

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November 27th came and went, and I forgot to note that I posted my first entry three years ago on that date. At that time, I really didn’t know where it would all lead, and I suppose I still don’t. However, I am very pleased about what these three years of blogging have given me.

I have written lots of things, some good, some OK, and, I’m sure, some real stinkers. I like to think that the good and OK ones outweigh the stinkers. I have spent countless hours being entertained and informed by the contributions of other bloggers. In addition, every day I am humbled by the huge amount of writing talent that is out there.

I am thankful to all the peeps from all over the country (and some out of the country) who find this place worthy a few minutes of their valuable time. It is impossible not to be flattered by that.

One of the best things that has come out of this experience is having had the opportunity to meet numerous other bloggers (the folks on “Mr. Blogroll” followed by an asterisk). It is difficult to imagine a more engaging and truly likeable bunch of people.

Again, I must thank my Cousin Jack for turning me on to blogging and Craig for keeping this place up and running. Without his help and patience, this site would not exist.

Looking forward to Year Number Four.

Twelve Days …

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Holiday Christmas gift giving has commenced at Two Nervous Dogs. Day One, the Gift, is definitely not a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

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