December 4, 2005

Headed to the Left Coast.

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So, I got this call from Glenn Frey of the Eagles.

He said, “Yo, Jimbo. We’re out here on the coast and Don has come up with a case of the epizoodic. He’s sick as hell and can’t play. Problem is we have a couple gigs we’ve committed to do out here this coming week and, with Don out of the picture, we really need a guy who can play drums and guitar and maybe do some singing as well. Joe Walsh, our guitar player, a Jersey guy, suggested that I give you a call to see if you can help us out. No need to bring anything other than your sticks. You can use Don’s axe and drum set. Waddya say? Can you make it? ”

I said, “I’ll hop on a plane today!”

OK, OK, OK, already. The foregoing is a Fig Newton of my imagination, and it’s all a big, fat lie. Except for the Left Coast part. The truth is (Can you handle the TRUTH?) I will be heading off to the Left Coast today, and I will be there until Wednesday. Based on past painful experiences, I will NOT be bringing my electronic cinder block laptop with me.

As such, I will see y’all again on Wednesday or Thursday.

Play nice.

NOTE REGARDING COMMENTS: As much as I hate to do it, I disabled the Comment Feature. I don’t want to return to a gazillion pieces of comment spam. I hope you understand.

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