December 9, 2005


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Caviar.jpgDoes anybody really like that crap?

It’s farookin’ fish eggs, fer Chrissake. More specifically, the “good stuff” comes from a big-ass fish called a sturgeon. I wanna know who the guy was who first looked at this ugly beast and said, “Hey Vlad, I wonder what its eggs taste like?”

Apparently some people like it enough (or want to pretend to like it enough) to pay $150 for an ounce of disgusting, little black fish eggs. They are, however, cheaper by the pound, which come to you for a mere $2,399.

I’ll take peanut butter on a Ritz any day.

Name Change.

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Fausta, one of the Garden State’s premier bloggers, has changed the name of her blog from “The Bad Hair Blog” to “Fausta’s Blog”. She became tired of explaining that the blog’s name was never intended to refer to the quality of her hair, but rather to the effect that New Jersey’s taxes can have on one’s badself, including one’s hair. (Frankly, New Jersey’s taxes make my great farookin’ hair hurt like hell.) She also points out that the new name seems like a natural, because “Fausta” isn’t a name one hears every day.

Fausta keeps tabs on the international scene as well as the goings-on in the Political Swamp that is New Jersey. If you have never read her stuff, take a look. You won’t be disappointed.

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