December 22, 2005

Da Shoit!!

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All Star Shirt Front.jpg

All Star Shirt Back.jpg

Da Story:
In the post entitled, “Buggsy’s Onions,” I described the softball game that preceded the cookout, which, in turn, involved Buggsy’s Onions. I described how, at the outset of the game, Uncle Buggsy’s team members all whipped out shirts that said “Buggsy’s All Stars” on them.

Well, late last night, I received an e-mail from Cousin Jack (Uncle Buggsy’s son and a participant in the game), who forwarded me the above images. He reminded me that it was I who sent him the shirt several years ago. He’s right about that.

As best as I can recall, I came across this shirt in the dusty attic of my parents’ home when they were relocating to a different home in Jersey. That would have been roughly in 1986. The shirt sat in a dusty box in my basement for many years, until several years ago (perhaps ten years or so — I’m not sure), I came across it and decided to send it to Jack, because, as you can see, it was the shirt he wore (He was “Jackie” back then and, to some, he still is).

It is clear that no one of dared wash the thing, as I doubt the lettering or even the shirt itself would hold up. We estimate the shirt to be somewhere between forty and forty-two years old.

I can’t figure out whether this is a Christmas present to or from Uncle Buggsy. Either way, I figure he’d be’d have a big grin on his face. I just know it was great remembering it all and getting another look at the shirt.

Thanks, Jackie.

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