August 3, 2009


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Behold the federally mandated destruction of a functioning automobile. Yes, the dealers are required to put sodium silicate into the gasoline oil (sorry for the initial mistake) of the “clunkers” for the purpose of causing the engine to seize. Watching this Volvo’s death rattles was plain depressing. I can only imagine how it affected someone for whom that Volvo would have been a Godsend.

The Clunkerf*ck Program, in my view, proves several things:

1. It’s real easy to give away lots of “free” money real fast.

2. The government should not be in the new car business.

3. The government should not be in the used car business.

4. The government absolutely should not be in the healthcare business.

The CEO of Edmunds, who knows a bit about the car business, doesn’t think any more money should be put into the program. I agree.

Velociman summed it up quite well.

That is all.

“Public Option” — Not the End Game.

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I know that this has been around for a couple days, but I know that some folks who are not big internet prowlers stop by here, and I want them to see it.

They damned sure won’t see it on the network news.

Note: To those not familiar with Washingtonspeak, “Single Payer” = Nationalized Healthcare.

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