August 4, 2009

Just Plain Reckless.

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How else can one describe it?

We have congressmen voting on bills they haven’t read (another one surfaced today, complaining that it’s just too hard to read all that stuff, poor guy) with the only goal being to cram legislative garbage down the throats of the American people before they’ve had a chance to learn what’s in the damned bills. This multi-pronged frontal assault on the country has included the Bullshit Stimulus Bill, the Cap and Trade Bill and now the Healthcare Reform Health Insurance Reform Bill (Note the morphing of the bill’s name — sort of like “Global Warming” becoming “Climate Change”)

The latest kick in the teeth is that we have blown through a billion dollars on the Clunkerf*k program in less than a week’s time, and the Administration wants another two billion dollars RIGHT AWAY or the sky will fall. The bill has already passed in the House and now the Senate is considering whether to authorize the additional money for the program.

Can we take just one goddamned minute to think about how any sane person would approach such a request?

Suppose you invested $5,000 of your own money (money that somehow survived a tax attack) in a business venture to be operated by Tom and Dick. After operating for a very short time, Tom and Dick tell you that they need $10,000, or they will have to close up shop.

Any rational person would want to know what results were produced with the initial investment before ponying up twice again as much. Pretty fundamental stuff, methinks. Hell, ask your grandparents about “throwing good money after bad.”

I like to think that there are one or two members of the U.S. Senate who might ask for such information before voting to “double down” with our goddamned money.

The kicker is that even if there are one or two U.S. Senators who are rational enough to want to see what the original one billion dollars produced, it turns out that the Administration has refused to provide the information.

I guess it’s another case of, “Just shut up and pass the goddamned bill.”

I love the smell of transparency in the morning.

2010 can’t come soon enough.

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