August 27, 2009

Free-Floating Case of the Ass.

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Yes, Peeps, at the moment I am harboring a Free-Floating Case of the Ass. Every farookin’ thing seems to be getting on my last nerve. I’ve suffered this malady before, and, much as it was the last time, I’m having difficulty pinpointing exactly what is causing it. The best I can do is tick off a few things that might play a role:

The media slobberfest over Ted Kennedy.

We have Nancy Pelosi, as Joan described it so perfectly, “dragging dead Teddy through the political streets like some horrid war trophy.” KennedyCare! KennedyCare! Good grief.

It’s no problemo (or, at worst, a only a minor problemo) if Tim Geithner and Charlie Rangel don’t pay their taxes, while Tim Geithner’s IRS screws everyone else by enforcing laws written by Charlie Rangel.

Sandy Berger never went to goddamned jail for stealing documents from the National Archives.

The Senate “investigation” cleared Chris Dodd of any wrongdoing, and the Justice Department has decided to close down a grand jury investigation of Bill Richardson. I’m guessing no one asked Hillary about that.

Elected officials are referring to American people exercising their First Amendment rights as swastika carriers, members of unruly mobs, and much worse.

No one in his or her right mind would now work as an interrogator for the CIA, knowing that a new administration may turn the Justice Department loose on you.

We have at least 3+ more years to endure The One and his pack of rogues.

Most of television remains a “vast wasteland.”

Network news is a pathetic joke.

Summer is almost over.


That is all.

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