August 5, 2009

Silly You…

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And you thought that by attending a Town Hall meeting in order to present your grievances to your government representative, you were engaging in political speech protected by the First Amendment?


According to the White House, Members of Congress and the Mainstream Media, you are:

a Birther!

a Redneck

a Bible Thumper

a rabid extremist

an operative (well-dressed, of course) of powerful lobbies

an operative (well-dressed, of course) of health insurance companies

a part of an unruly mob

a Swift Boater

a fear monger

a Rethuglican

a hate monger

a right wing fanatic

and, last but certainly not least,


Don’t say anything that sounds “fishy,” lest you be reported to Mr. Flag at the White House. But, oops! There is that pesky “political speech” thing.

Kudos to the Americans in North Carolina.

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