August 12, 2009

Hillary’s Outburst — The Rest of the Story.

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You have probably seen the video of Hillary’s outburst upon being asked by a Congolese student what Bill Clinton’s views are on a particular matter. (If not, click on the above video.) You probably also know that the question posed to Mrs. Clinton was a mistranslation by the interpreter. We have been told that the actual question posed by the student related to President Obama’s views, rather than those of Bill Clinton.

That version of the events is not accurate, according a PRS Operative who was on the scene after Hillary’s outburst and who filed this report:

Audience Member: (shouting at stage) That was not the correct translation of what the student asked!

Hillary: Oh, my goodness. I had no idea. I’d like to apologize to the questioner and ask that the interpreter give me the correct translation of the question this young gentleman asked.

Interpreter: I’m not sure that you want to me to do that, Madam Secretary.

Hillary: Nonsense! Mistranslations sometimes happen, I understand that. I want to respond to this fine young man’s question. Read me the correct translation.

Interpreter: Perhaps I could have a private word with you, Madam Secretary?

Hillary: No. Please just read the question. As you can see, now everyone in the audience wants to hear the question and the answer, and I don’t think it’s fair to make them wait while you and I have a chat.

Interpreter: Very well, Madam Secretary. The student’s question was, “I see that you have become quite a load. What is it? Too much pie?”

Mrs. Clinton leaped from the stage toward the student screaming a string of obscenities liberally laced with F-Bombs and, yes, N-Bombs. She was screaming something about the student’s mother and how she intended to “rip out [his] motherf*cking tongue.”

Just inches before she reached the student, she was tackled by Ibweo Ochumbo, a member of the Congolese State Police, who was on hand to provide security. He turned her over to members of the State Department Security Detail, and she was led out of the room amidst much shouting.

When asked if he had any trouble bringing down Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Ochumbo responded, “When I was a boy in my village, I used to wrestle water buffalo. I’m sure that helped. Still it wasn’t easy. It was like trying to tackle a large bag of yoghurt. You know, you grab one place and the stuff inside moves to another place.”

Approximately two hours after the incident, the Secretary’s spokesperson stated that, following the incident, “Mrs. Clinton was treated with herbal inhalation therapy and is currently resting comfortably in her hotel room with a chocolate shake and a box of Munchkins.”

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