July 14, 2004

Another Jersey Political Fund-Raiser in the Soup.

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Charles Kushner, who was identified by the New York Post as Governor McGreevey’s “top fund-raiser,” was arrested on charges of obstructing the ongoing federal investigation into some of his activities, which include alleged tax fraud and the making of illegal campaign contributions.

More specifically, Mr. Kushner is charged with hiring a prostitute to have sex with a witness against him in the federal investigation and with using the surreptitiously taped sexual encounter as “leverage” against the witness. The videotape was ultimately sent to the witness’s spouse, who turned it over to federal authorities.

The witness on the videotape turns out to be Kushner’s brother-in-law, and the witness’s spouse, who was sent the videotape, is Kushner’s sister.

New Jersey politics – a seemingly bottomless cesspool.

Dax Montana.

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Dax is back!

MT Blacklist Skullduggery.

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Jacob, at Another Recurrence, warns of us yet another nefarious scheme being perpetuated by the Pieces of Shit of the World comment spammers.

Apparently, the Creeps have taken to including the targeted blogger’s URL among the “Penis Enlargement” and “Refinancing” URLs that appear in their scumbag comments. If you have a knee-jerk reaction to these things (as I do), and immediately instruct MT Blacklist to smoke the spammer and his cyber-droppings, you will end up Blacklisting your own site and deleting all of your own recent comments.

Jacob describes the latest antics of these “Wastes of Oxygen” as follows:

Among the advertising URLs, he included a link to my own website. Not reading closely, I added the links en masse to my blacklist, unwittingly adding www.jacobgrier.com to my own list of banned sites! Fortunately, I caught the addition just before running a scan and delete of my archives. Had I not, I would have deleted all of my own comments from recent entries.

Even I, a non-Geek speaker, can see that it is a good idea to carefully check out all the URLs that appear in comment spam in order to be sure that I don’t end up blocking my own comments.

Rat bastards.

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