July 9, 2004

Bridal Shop, Redux…Redux.

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The Bridal shop that I walk past in the mornings, and which I have previously described here and here, is at it again. This morning I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at a new, hand-lettered sign in the window (to the bemusement of a person waiting for a bus). The sign read:

VIEL’S $49.99

I wondered, “What is it that belongs to Mr. Viel (or Ms. Viel?) that is being sold for just shy of fifty bucks? Is it everything he or she owns? Or, could it be that his/her belongings are being sold piecemeal? Might he/she have failed to pay for a Bridesmate, or for five individual purchases of shoe? Does Mr. (or Ms.?) Viel know this is happening?”

Voice Inside my Head: Yo, Jimbo.

Me: WHAT!!! Can’t you see that I’m busy blogging here?

Voice Inside my Head: Jimbo, this is just silly.

Me: What the hell are you talking about? This is a real store. This is a real sign. I saw it this morning!

Voice Inside my Head: Jimbo, everyone knows that the shopkeeper, who obviously does not speak English very well, was selling VEILS. All this “Mr. Viel” stuff is just way too silly.

Me: Screw you, Voice.

So, that’s what the new sign said. Gotta go.

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