July 17, 2004

Saturday Sun and Fun. (Update 7/18/04)

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Usual Suspects Small.jpg
After several days of monsoon-like rain, we have caught another beautiful Saturday. That can only mean another day on The Deck with the Usual Suspects.

We will be trying out this vodka. I have no idea how the vodka tastes, but the company certainly knows how to promote. Take a look at the model dipped in chocolate. Yowza! This will be the beer of the day, which always looks great buried in ice on a hot day, and it tastes even better than it looks.

We’re also brining over a two CD set, which contains the soundtrack of “The Big Chill” on one disc, while the second disc contains “Songs Inspired by the Big Chill.” I think even Original Bill will be happy with that.

Frankly, I’d rather hear him bitch.


Update: The CDs were a big hit. Even Original Bill liked them, dammit! As for the vodka, it turns out that there were so many vodka offerings, several of which were already opened, by the time we got to the Svedka, gutter water would have been fine. There is plenty left for the next time when everyone’s taste is just a tad more discriminating.

Ken, the Anal Cruise Director, and I lost yet another game of horseshoes, this time to “Da Chef of da Future” and “Cigar Bill” (a/k/a Tall Bill and Bill the Ham). Like the honorable men we are – men who would never think of gloating over a win – we agreed in advance that this game would be “off the record,” because we were pretty well by the time we got around to playing. Da Chef of da Future kept his word – almost. His regular partner, the Ever-Hilarious Artie, could not play, as he is still home recovering from heart surgery. Some guys will do anything to avoid an asskicking at horseshoes.

Later in the evening we actually ended up talking about looking for a piece of real estate on which we could create something like a Usual Suspects Compound. Hell, the next thing you know, we’ll be out on the streets selling love beads.

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