July 21, 2004

A Case of the Blahs.

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Earlier today I had thought of a couple things that might be fun to write about. However, as I sit here, I realize that I just don’t feel very creative or interested in the least in trying to be creative. It seems that the news has overpowered my muse.

We have the story about the discovery of the head of fellow Garden Stater, Paul Johnson, in a terrorist’s freezer in Saudi Arabia.

Then there is the story about the insurgents murdering Islamic pigs taking six more hostages and threatening to behead them unless their employer ceases doing business with Americans in Iraq.

Finally, a person whom I consider to be very bright (and who is a liberal) said to me today, “The Sandy Berger thing is overblown. Besides, there was no harm done, as he only took copies of documents.” I farookin’ give up! If a Republican had done what Sandy Berger did, the press would be absolutely apoplectic. Maureen Dowd would be positively orgasmic. It would have been Abu Ghraib times ten.

My exhausted muse and I are headed for Mr. Recliner.

P.S. If someone is inclined to write a comment containing the Democrat Talking Points on the Sandy Berger story (i.e. It was inadvertent! It is Republican smear! Look at the timing!), please peddle your shit elsewhere. I’m not buying it.

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