July 23, 2004

Wanna Go Down-a-Shore?

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Seaside.jpgWe have had monsoon-like rain in Jersey today, and the weekend promises to be just as bad. That’s no reason why you can’t take a flash-photo trip to the Jersey Shore, courtesy of National Geographic. Amy Toensing, a professional photographer, took her camera Down the Shore and created a photo essay, complete with narration. It is called, “Sights and Sounds – Greetings from the Jersey Shore.”

Ms. Toensing (who’s photos are excellent, at least to my untrained eye) places a bit too much emphasis on the gritty spots (e.g. the Seaside Heights Boardwalk), which make up a small part of the 120+ miles of beach in the state. However, having said that, “Seaside” is a place well known to virtually every Garden Stater. In addition, it is colorful as hell and, therefore, it makes for good photos. When I was a boy, it was the place to go for vacation. And, I might add that there is nothing quite like eating an Italian sausage sandwich (with peppers and onions) with a cold beer on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk.

She also has a segment on the “Surf Club,” a well-known beachfront saloon that has been there forever. Suffice it to say that I misspent a good deal of my “yoot” there, getting bleary-eyed. although I never qualified as a “Guido.”. Hell, my band even got to play there a couple times.

Take a look.

Thanks to Roberto, a Jersey Blogger, of DynamoBuzz, for the link.

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