July 15, 2004

Jersey Bloggers.

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Because I find myself without anything interesting or humorous to write about, I thought this would be a good opportunity to mention three Jersey Bloggers who do have interesting things to say:

The Bad Hair Blog. What a great name for a Blog! It sorta makes me want to change the name of my Blog to “The Great Farookin’ Hair Blog,” but that would make me a stinko copycat. Anyway, please check out Fausta’s blog, which contains interesting observations about things Jersey and elsewhere. Oh, and if you happen to be bi-lingual, Fausta sometimes writes in Spanish. Very cool.

Shamrocketship. Lynne is fairly new to the blogging thing, and she is off to a good start. She writes well about life’s passing parade. She blogs from “Down the Shore,” more properly pronounced as one word “Downahshore.” Of course, she bristles at those of us from Northern Jersey referring to her part of the state as “Down the Shore,” but she doesn’t understand that going “Down the Shore” may or may not involve a trip to “the Beach.” Take a look. As I said, she writes well and has a good sense of humor.

The Jersey Side. John Shabe, the blog’s author, is sort of an “official blogger” at www.nj.com. He focuses on life in the Garden State, which lately includes a daily dose of political scandal. Good reading.

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