July 24, 2004

Well, It’s Sorta Like Real Content.

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It’s a rainy Saturday, and I don’t have much to say. I found this over at Rita’s blog, and she found it at Tony’s blog, etc. etc. I have never done one of these, and after I completed it I was going to nuke it, figuring that no one really gives much of a shit about my answers to these questions. However, I changed my mind, thinking that, since I took the time to answer the questions, you’re stuck with it, dammit.

Here goes:

1. WHAT COLOR ARE YOUR BEDROOM WALLS? I am tempted to simply say “white,” but I know that the paint store sells about three-dozen kinds of “white.” I will, therefore, say “some kinda white.”

2. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? American Evita, a book about that awful woman who was once the co-president.

3. WHAT’S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? The logo of this blog, which was one of my Christmas gifts from TJ, who has been too busy with Life 101 to do much blogging.

4. FAVORITE BOARD GAME? Trivial Pursuit and scrabble. I can be deadly with the former and very ho-hum with the latter.

5. FAVORITE MAGAZINE? I have subscribed to Time for many years, even though it regularly pisses me off. Lately I get more excited about receiving the Cigar International catalog.


7. FAVORITE COLOR? Teal (I’m in touch with my feminine side.)


9. HOW MANY RINGS BEFORE YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE PICKS UP? I have the answering machine from hell. It picks up when it damned well pleases.

10. MOST IMPORTANT MATERIAL THING IN MY LIFE? My drums, my guitars, my CDs, and my bigass capitalist car.

11. FAVORITE FLAVOR OF ICE CREAM? I’m thinking butter almond.

12 DO YOU BREAK THE SPEED LIMIT DAILY? Technically, yes, but here you get a gimme for ten miles per hour over the limit on the highway I use every day. My friends say I drive too slowly. Like I give a shit.

13. DO YOU HAVE A STUFFED ANIMAL IN YOUR ROOM SOMEWHERE? Only on those occasions when I have eaten too much.

14. STORMS – COOL OR SCARY? Very cool. I even have a CD that plays the sounds of a thunderstorm. Great to read by.

15. FAVORITE DRINK? Oh my. I feel like Meryl (the asshole of late) Streep, in “Sohpie’s Choice.” I can’t just pick one. So, I’ll say vodka (several kinds), gin (Bombay Sapphire), bourbon (too many kinds to mention), rum (Myers Dark), merlot, sangiovese, and beer and ale of many descriptions. I also like Diet Dr. Pepper and orange juice, but not together.

16. WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY? I’m a Libran, which means that I am a very cool guy, and modest too.

17. FAVORITE VEGETABLES? Potatoes (an Irish thing, perhaps)

18. IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Drummer with the Eagles (Let Henley stick to singing), or maybe with Eric Clapton’s band. I’d also like to have a radio show on which I could sit around and shoot the breeze with interesting or goofy folks. The Original Bill would be a regular, as would the authors of the blogs on the left side of this page.

19. IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY COLOR HAIR, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Did I ever mention that I have great farookin’ hair? I like it the way it is, although a bit more pepper and a little less salt might be nice.


21. TOP THREE FAVORITE MOVIES (IN ORDER)? Godfather II, Godfather I, and Fail Safe.

22. DO YOU TYPE WITH YOUR FINGERS ON THE RIGHT KEYS? You betcha. I can blaze away at warp speed. Remember, I was a wannabe “Remington Raider.”

23. WHAT’S UNDER YOUR BED? My Paul Reed Smith electric guitar.

24. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE NUMBER? 911. Don’t leave home without it.

25. FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH ON TV & IN PERSON? On TV, synchronized swimming. Live, quoits.

26. WHAT IS YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST FEAR? Alligators, crabs and the reinstitution of prohibition.

27. FAVORITE CD OF ALL TIME & RIGHT NOW? This is way too hard. If I think about this question for too long, my hair will ache.

28. FAVORITE TV SHOW OF ALL TIME & RIGHT NOW? The Honeymooners and The Sopranos.

29. HAMBURGERS OR HOT DOGS? Burgers. I will gladly pay you Tuesday.

30. THE COOLEST PLACES YOU’VE EVER BEEN? Switzerland, Hawaii, and saloons that have 100 kinds of beer.

31. WHAT WALLPAPER AND/OR SCREENSAVER IS ON YOUR COMPUTER RIGHT NOW? Desktop: The one that looks like the inside of a computer (as if I would know how the inside of this thing looks).

32. DOES MCDONALD’S SKIMP ON YOUR FRIES & DO YOU CARE? Not that I know of, and not really.

33. FAVORITE CHAIN RESTAURANT(s)? They are all kinda the same. Fortunately, we still have restaurants here with names like “Tony’s,” and they are owned by “Tony.”

34. IF YOU HAVE A BOY (OR HAVE ANOTHER BOY) WHAT WOULD YOU NAME HIM? Not applicable, but “Zorro” would be nice.

35. IF YOU COULD LEARN TO PLAY ONE INSTRUMENT OVERNIGHT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? If you mean play it well, the answer would be the piano. I’d also like to play pedal steel guitar. That might make me the only pedal steel guitar player in Jersey.

So, now that you know me better, does anyone want to pick out furniture together?

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