August 1, 2004

Sunday Aftermath.

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Yesterday was another great day on The Deck. The water was perfect, and the food was delicious (which included do-it-yourself sundaes), all of which will pose a formidable challenge to today’s Lipitor.

Ken, the Anal Cruise Director, played a CD that I had not previously heard. It is called “License to Chill,” on which Jimmy Buffett does sixteen tunes with country singers such as Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, and Toby Keith. My two favorites were Hey Good Lookin’ and Sea of Heartbreak. I just placed my order with

In related news, we played Crosby’ Stills, Nash, and Young’s Southern Man, the live, LONG, version (recorded, I believe, at the Filmore) at the appropriate volume (i.e. loud), at least three times, which made Original Bill crazy. We love when that happens.

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