August 9, 2004

Living in a “Blue” State.

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Yesterday, Fausta of The Bad Hair Blog linked to an article about a recent poll showing that Senator Kerry is considerably ahead of President Bush in the Garden State. Today, the Star Ledger reports that, since 2002 (the year Governor McGreevey took office), New Jersey has the dubious distinction of having a per capita tax increase larger than that of any state except for New York.

Will the large tax increase matter in November? Will the amply documented corruption at the highest levels of state government matter in November? I hope so, but I doubt it. After all, this is the state that has made corruption a fine art, and this is the state thathas elected people like Robert Torricelli, Frank Lautenberg, and John Corzine. This is also the state that went for Bill Clinton, big time.

It’s depressing as hell.

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