August 16, 2004

Cousin Jack.

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Cousin Jack, about whom I have written often in this space, has returned from his blogbreak. I found it interesting that when Jack, who has lived on the West Coast for decades, needed to recharge his batteries, he returned to the Jersey Shore.

I hope he found time for a sausage and pepper sandwich on the boardwalk and Taylor Ham and eggs for breakfast.

Ya can take the boy out of Jersey….

Dems Turn on McGreevey. (Updated)

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Every day brings a new surprise in the Garden State. Now, it seems that the Democrat Power Brokers in Jersey want McGreevey to step down within the next three weeks rather than waiting for November 15th, as he had stated in is resignation-but-I’m-hanging-around speech.

Make no mistake about it; this move was not made out of a concern for the democratic process in New Jersey. Rather, the party big shots want McGreevey out now, because they don’t much care for Richard Codey, who will ascend to the governorship if McGreevey waits until November 15th, as promised, and then he would be able to run as incumbent next year.

The Democrat plan apparently ripened over the weekend when U.S. Senator Jon Corzine indicated that he would be willing to run for the governor’s office in November. Jon Corzine, you may remember, is the former Goldman, Sachs & Co. CEO who used $63 million of his own money to get elected to the U.S. Senate in 2000.

Getting Corzine elected is only part of the plan. The political two-cushion shot involves Congressman Robert Menendez getting Corzine’s Senate seat.

As much as I want McGreevey to step down so that there can be a special election in November for the governor’s office, realistically, I think that the prospect of any republican beating Jon Corzine and the well-oiled Democrat machine in New Jersey is, at best a long shot.

But one can always hope.

Update: Fausta at the Bad Hair Blog has an excellent summary of the latest developments in the McGreevey Mess. So does Roberto at DynamoBuzz.

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