August 24, 2004


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Anyone know what’s going on at Tasty Manatees?

Yet Another Hiatus.

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A Small Victory.


March on Trenton.

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If you are anywhee near Trenton on Thursday, August 26th, at 3 o’clock, and you wish to make your displeasure with the current Mess known, head over to the Statehouse and join other like-minded Garden Staters.

Fausta at the Bad Hair Blog has the details.

The Governor and the Feds.

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It was reported today that Governor McGreevey (Yes, he is still in office) met on Friday with FBI agents at the Governor’s Mansion, in connection with the investigations into charges of extortion brought by McGreevey against his former gay lover (presumably Golan Cipel).

McGreevey previously had been interviewed by FBI agents approximately six months ago in connection with the investigation of McGreevey’s former friend and fund raiser, David D’Amiano, who has since been indicted on bribery and extortion charges. It was during that interview that McGreevey conceded that it was his voice (saying the code word “Machiavelli” among other things) on the tape that was made by the victim of the alleged bribery and extortion scheme who was cooperating with the FBI.

During the interview on Friday, McGreevey had his lawyer by his side. That’s a good thing for McGreevey, because as we know from television detective shows (and from law school), anything he might have said during that interview can be used against him, even though the interview on Friday focused on his claim of extortion. (Note: No Miranda warnings would have been necessary, as the interview was most certainly not a “custodial interrogation.”)

Meanwhile, Golan Cipel’s attorney insists that, in addition to possibly suing the Governor for sexual harassment, he may toss in a claim for slander as well, stating, “If the governor was talking about Golan in his resignation statement and referring to Golan as the guy he had an affair with, then the governor was slandering him.”

…and da beat goes on.

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