August 29, 2004

McGreevey at the Bakery.

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Baker: “May I help you, sir?”

McGreevey: “Great day for reading Plutarch, no?”

Baker: “Excuse me?”

McGreevey: “Plutarch, great stuff there.”

Baker: “Sir, there are people in line. May I help you?”

McGreevey: “Oh, yeah. I’d like a loaf of rye bread, please.”

Baker: “Large or small?”

McGreevey: “Speaking of large and small, how about that Jonathan Swift? He sure had the large and small thing wired.”

Baker: “Huh?”

McGreevey: “I’d like a large loaf, please.”

Baker: “Seeds or seedless?”

McGreevey: “Seeds….seedy….reminds me of Upton Sinclair. He wrote about some pretty seedy stuff there in Chicago.”

Baker: “What? Sir, you’re holding up the line. Seeds or seedless?”

McGreevey: “Seedless, please.”

Baker: “Sliced or whole?”

McGreevey: “Ahhh. Slice….Slice of life. Reminds me of Proust and his Remembrance of Things Past.”

Person in line: “Hey, buddy. We don’t have all day here.”

McGreevey: “Sliced, please.”

Baker: (hands over the bread) “Here you are, sir. That’ll be $2.99.”

McGreevey: (takes the bread and pays with exact change) Thanks. I’m heading home to catch up on my Thomas Aquinas. Have a nice day.” (leaves the shop)

Person in line: “Did he say something about Pluto?”

Update: It would appear that some non-Jersey folks who may not be familiar with the depth of the political swamp in this state might need a hint.

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