August 14, 2004

Amendment to Previous Post.

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WHEREAS, in a comment to the previous post, Craig observed that he would have added as additional “Cool Thing” the ovation given to the teams from Afghanistan and Iraq; and

WHEREAS, in the same comment, Craig opined that he would have added Bob Costas as an additional “Dumb Thing.; and

WHEREAS, Jay Solo, at Accidental Verbosity, had the same view about Costas and reminded me of a couple things Mr. Costas said that I failed to pay enough attention to; and.

WHEREAS, during a telephone conversation with TJ, who is watching the HD feed of the ceremonies with son-in-law, she observed that she and son-in-law thought that the “Olympic Caldron” looked more like a giant “doobie” than a giant cigarette lighter; and

WHEREAS, I agree with all of the above.

NOW, THEREFORE, the previous Post is hereby amended to include the foregoing as additional observations.

Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies – Insta-Review.

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Olympic team with the best looking women: Italy

Cool thing: The people who were made up to look like marble statues.

Weird thing: The emergence from an artificial lake of a five-story sculpture that resembled female genitalia.

Dumb thing: Katie Couric

The Olympic Caldron: It looks more like a giant cigarette lighter.

Participating countries I never heard of: A shitload.

Best Commercial: Budweiser Clydesdales (One of the team pulling the Budweiser wagon winks at a Clydesdale foal as it watches the team pass by the pasture).

Shitty Beer: Budweiser.

First Political Jackass Move: The Iranian wrestler who may withdraw from the games because his first draw was an Israeli, who, like his nation, does not exist according to Iran.

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