August 2, 2004

Harder Every Day.

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I find that it is becoming more and more difficult to blog about things that are amusing (at least to me), because, lately, the politics of the day occupies my mind. Today, for example, I was stewing over Howard Dean’s reckless “questioning” of whether (although he clearly has made up his mind on this) and to what extent (he’s made up his mind on this one too) the terror alerts in Washington, New York and Newark were politically motivated. It troubles me to think that anyone would think this about any president, never mind that such a scheme would require a massive conspiracy involving any number of federal, state and local governmental entities.

Memo to Howard Dean: If President Bush were doing this for political gain, he absolutely would not waste his time concocting a phony alert in NEWARK, for Chrissake, where Joseph Stalin or Elmer Fudd would win an election if they ran as Democrats.

I was also stunned by John Kerry’s bitching that the President is not acting swiftly enough in dealing with the War on Terror, and arguing that the President should seek to adopt all the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations immediately. This is the same guy who in January, 2003 claimed that the terror threat was “exaggerated.” It makes my hair hurt.

I really don’t like blogging about these things, for the reasons stated here. In addition, I absolutely lack the patience exhibited by Zombyboy in dealing with wackos such as those who responded to one of his posts.

I, therefore, will do my best to avoid talking politics here and to try to keep the daily political combat from destroying my will to write about other things.

It ain’t easy.

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