August 4, 2004

Mean Mr. Mustard.

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A conservative living in Berkeley (talk about tough duty), MMM left the blogosphere about a year ago.

Now, he’s back.


Thanks to Russ at TacJammer for the heads up.

“Canned” Music.

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Afri-can guitar.jpgI have been e-mailing with a good friend who is considering buying a new electric guitar. As a result, I have been thinking a bit more about electric guitars than I usually do. That caused me to pay particular attention to a post I saw over at J-Walk Blog about Afri-Can guitars. These are electric guitars, the bodies of which are not made of wood, but rather they are made from oilcans.

At first, I considered that such an “instrument” was either a gag or a gimmick not to be taken seriously. However, after checking out the Afri-Can Guitars site, I am convinced that these things are the real deal. What sealed it for me was a cyber-trip to the Listening Room to hear these instruments in action. In one sound clip, the player ends the riff with a couple harmonics that are really sweet. The blues also sound great.

From an oilcan??? Who knew?

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