August 28, 2004

Sun, Fun, Cocktails, and the Great Music Debate.

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Usual Suspects Small.jpgYes it is sunny and hot today in the Garden State, and we are running out of summer weekends. So, we are headed over the The Deck to speng the afternoon and evening with the Usual Suspects, which will include swimming and doing water aerobics standing around and drinking in the pool. Ken, the anal cruise director, will have the water set at a pleasant temperature, so as to prevent the “oooch, ooohc, oooch” that can happen when one enters the pool of a less anal retentive host.

I expect that the music (pumped out through Bose outdoor speakers, of course) will, as always, be fodder for debate and ridicule:

“Yo, enough already with the freakin’ Motown!”

“Bullshit! Wadda you wanna hear? More freakin’ Beatles? You can’t dance to that shit.” (This would be Original Bill.)

“Skeeter Davis? Are you out of your mind?”

“The Four Farookin’ Seasons?? Gimme a break. I don’t give a shit if they’re from Jersey. Their only song worth a damn was “Rag Doll. Put on the Eagles.” (This would be me.)

…and so it goes.

I may be back later, depending on how much sun, fun, and cocktails I have had.

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