October 19, 2007

Brain Dribbles.

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In a comment somewhere on Eric’s site a while back, I mistyped my name as “Mimbo.” Funny name, that, at least for an American human being. It might work for a cat or a dog, or it might be a perfectly acceptable name, as common as “John,” in some other countries.

The other day while pavement pounding, I got to thinking how many names could be made simply by mistyping the first letter in my name. I think it works for just about all the letters, with possible exception of “I” and “U”.

Wanna see?

AimboGood name for a marksman.

Bimbo‘Nuf said.

CimboSounds a bit like the name one of Tarzan’s animal pals.

DimboA name for a not-too-bright guy.

EimboI can imagine a Nordic skier with that name.

FimboFat clown name.

GimboA guy who walks with a limp.

HimboA guy who, before the surgery, was named “Herbo”



KimboA guy who flails his arms around while dancing.

LimboA contortionist.

MimboSome guy who comments on Eric’s blog.

NimboA guy with his head in the clouds.

OimboJoisey for “Ermbo.”

PimboA procurer of ladies of the evening.

Qimbo (Quimbo?) – John Quincy Adams’ profligate son.

RimboA guy who sleeps on bathroom floors.

SimboA guy who’s addicted to that lame game with the little peeps.

TimboA lumbojack.


VimboA guy who spends five hours per day at the gym.

WimboA guy who is a constant whiner.

XimboA guy who hates everyone else on this list.

YimboNorwegian “Jimbo.”

ZimboA guy who thinks it’s cool to dress like Zorro.


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