October 19, 2007

Brain Dribbles.

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In a comment somewhere on Eric’s site a while back, I mistyped my name as “Mimbo.” Funny name, that, at least for an American human being. It might work for a cat or a dog, or it might be a perfectly acceptable name, as common as “John,” in some other countries.

The other day while pavement pounding, I got to thinking how many names could be made simply by mistyping the first letter in my name. I think it works for just about all the letters, with possible exception of “I” and “U”.

Wanna see?

Aimbo – Good name for a marksman.

Bimbo – ‘Nuf said.

Cimbo – Sounds a bit like the name one of Tarzan’s animal pals.

Dimbo – A name for a not-too-bright guy.

Eimbo – I can imagine a Nordic skier with that name.

Fimbo – Fat clown name.

Gimbo – A guy who walks with a limp.

Himbo – A guy who, before the surgery, was named “Herbo”

Iimbo – (ideas?)

Jimbo – Duh.

Kimbo – A guy who flails his arms around while dancing.

Limbo – A contortionist.

Mimbo – Some guy who comments on Eric’s blog.

Nimbo – A guy with his head in the clouds.

Oimbo – Joisey for “Ermbo.”

Pimbo – A procurer of ladies of the evening.

Qimbo (Quimbo?) – John Quincy Adams’ profligate son.

Rimbo – A guy who sleeps on bathroom floors.

Simbo – A guy who’s addicted to that lame game with the little peeps.

Timbo – A lumbojack.

Uimbo – (ideas?)

Vimbo – A guy who spends five hours per day at the gym.

Wimbo – A guy who is a constant whiner.

Ximbo – A guy who hates everyone else on this list.

Yimbo – Norwegian “Jimbo.”

Zimbo – A guy who thinks it’s cool to dress like Zorro.


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