October 4, 2007

He Played on our Fears!!

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Remember Algore’s neck-vein popping speech about Bush (the Younger) lying the country into war?

I do.

Here is Algore in 1992.

I would laugh out loud, if it wasn’t so pathetic.


Scuzzoid of the Day.

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This morning, I pulled up to the store at which I buy my ride-to-work coffee. Standing outside the store was a big, fat, cruddy looking guy who was wearing a black tee shirt on which appeared:

United Pimp Service

If I had been thirty years younger, and a foot or so taller, I would have suggested to this waste of oxygen that, in his case, the letters “UPS” could well stand for “Ugly Piece of Shit.”

Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll wind up in the slammer for one thing or another. Or, even better, maybe he’ll get hit by a bus.

P.S. Notably (particularly for the lawyers out there), the “UPS” on the shirt was a knockoff of the “United Parcel Service” trademark. I wouldn’t expect this knuckle dragger to be deterred by Title 17 of the United States Code.

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