October 23, 2007

Vintage War Birds.

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Check out the most excellent photo spread of vintage airplanes from the 2006 Thunder over Michigan Air Show. I was particularly taken by the photo of the P-38 Lightning, which was one badass plane. There are also several photos of Spitfires, perhaps the most beautiful plane ever designed, as well as a couple shots of the Skyhawk, the type of plane flown by John McCaine when he was shot down over North Vietnam.

Good stuff.

Thanks to my buddy, Gerry

Dixie Meets Jersey.

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I’d be willing to bet a dollar or two that says that The House by the Parkway is the only place north of the Mason-Dixon Line where there were fried green ‘maters served with dinner tonight. I ate ‘em in Jawja in 2005, and I loved ‘em. These babies were home-grown (in my “back 40”) Jersey ‘maters, finest kind.

Jersey ‘maters, Southern fried – a match made in heaven.

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