October 2, 2007

Troubled Bridges over Troubled Waters.

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A recent study by the Department of Transportation estimates that New Jersey’s bridges need $13.6 BILLION in repairs. Yes that’s a “B” for billion.

Of course the state’s transportation fund is broke, thanks to its having been raided by state politicians for other things.

Let’s add to that the $56 BILLION in unfunded pension liabilities the state faces.

Oh, wait. We still have to add in the $58 BILLION in liability for unfunded medical benefits for current and future state employees.

Let’s do the arithmetic. 13.6 + 56 + 58 = $127.6 BILLION DOLLARS that the state, which is already in dire financial straits, will have to pony up.

Just imagine running a business in this fashion.

Ladies and Gentlemen of both parties: What will it take to convince you that it is time to vote every single elected state senator and representative out of office? Every goddamned one of them.

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