October 5, 2007

It’s Thee-Ah-Tah Season Again.

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happy-days.jpgSpent the evening in the thee-ah-tah seeing a musical production of “Happy Days,” based on the hit television show of yesteryear. While the notion and the persona of “the Fonz” is a little long in the tooth, this was a nice way to end the week – no mental heavy lifting.

The story line was simple and predictable (after all, it’s “Happy Days”), but the cast was terrific, as was the dancing and the singing. The Playbill noted that Eric Schneider, the actor who played Chachi, will be leaving the production early, as he is headed off to Las Vegas to do the road production of “Jersey Boys.” As soon as I heard him open his mouth and sing, I knew why he got the “Jersey Boys” gig. What makes it particularly cool is that he is the real item – a genuine Jersey Boy.

Given the nauseating state of current events and never-ending political combat, it was nice to spend a couple hours being taken back to the “Happy Days.”

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