October 7, 2007

A Shitty Tale.

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As I was doing my almost-daily pavement pound, I got to thinking about writing an imaginary conversation, which comes close to many I actually have had. Here ‘tis:

X: Yo, haya doin?

Y: Aaaaaay, you know; same ol’ shit.

X: No shit?

Y: Yeah, no shit. You know, that neighbor a mine. He’s fulla shit.

X: Oh yeah, that shithead. You told me about some of the bad shit he’s pulled.

Y: Yeah, no shit. I’m tired a his shit.

X: Yeah, he really turned dat place into a real shithouse.

Y: Be great if the shitball would move.

X: Yeah, dat would be some good shit.

Y: Yo, so how yoo doin’?

X: Holy shit! Did I tell you I won 10 G’s in A.C.?

Y: Ten large? Are you shittin’ me?

X: No shit. I was down to my last hunnit, so I trew it all on eight the hard way. Bam! Out comes two fours on da first roll. I damned near shit.

Y: No shit?

X: Yeah, no shit. From den on it was like I stepped in shit. I couldn’t lose for shit.

Y: That is some awesome shit.

X: Yo, great bullshittin’ wit ya, but I gotta run.

Y: Yeah, me too. I gotta lotta shit to deal with today.

X: No shit. Me to. But, first, I gotta run home to take a shit.

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